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Pursuit of Cultural and Art Activities

which Everyone Can Share and Enjoy

Taekwang Group has served as a patron of scholarships, and culture and art since the establishment of Ilju Academy and Culture Foundation in 1990 to materialize the will of Ilju, Lee Im-yong, the former chairman and founder, to make contributions to society. In addition, Seonhwa Art and Culture Foundation was established in 2009 as a way to expand the scope of support for culture and art.

Seonhwa Art and Culture Foundation has planned to execute projects and activities for advancement of culture and art, based on the following visions: “art to nurture culturally-savvy citizens” through the installation of art pieces at public places in the center of Seoul and support for cultural and art activities, “art to accept a variety of cultures across the world” by holding diverse exhibitions both at home and abroad, and "art to prepare for the future" through support for culture and art and for new artists.

The name of the foundation has changed to "Sehwa Art and Culture Foundation" in 2016 and “Sehwa Museum of Art” has been newly established and opened on the 3rd floor of Heungkuk Life Insurance Building on Sinmun-ro to expand its cultural and art-related projects so as to get closer to the general public. We will lead local and international art trends and provide a culture-and-art-sharing venue through an effort into making more popular culture and art with unique annual exhibitions, to offer diverse education programs on culture and art, and to identify and support new talent.

Management of Art Museum
  • Collection and conservation of art works
  • Research activities
  • Exhibitions planning
  • Operation of education programs
Support for Art and Culture
  • Identification of and support for new talent
  • Talent sharing through art
  • Sponsoring of academic seminars
Support for Young Artists
  • Identification of artists
  • Support for artists for their works