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Dear Visitors,
Welcome. Sehwa Art and Culture Foundation under Taekwang Group, which installed art pieces at public places in downtown Seoul and put an effort into various cultural and art support projects from the early 2000s, has expanded and transformed the existing Ilju & Seonhwa Gallery in 2017 to newly opened Sehwa Museum of Art.

The word 'Sehwa (世和),' composed of two Chinese characters, means peace all over the world and harmonious relationships of all people, implying the committed effort of the late Lee Im-yong, the former chairman and founder of Taekwang Group and Ilju Hakwon, an educational foundation, and his wife, the late Lee Seon-ae, into educational works and social contributions. Sehwa Museum of Art, built on their devotion, is created to offer an opportunity to share culture and art through art pieces with the general public.

Sehwa Museum of Art pursues openness so as for people to relish great art works amid a swathe of skyscrapers and an overwhelming crowd in Gwanghwamun, the center of Seoul. <Hammering Man>, an art piece which is shaped as a man feverously hammering in front of Heungkuk Life Insurance Building with Sehwa Museum of Art located inside, represents numerous workers in Gwanghwamun and is familiar to many. The museum aims to introduce fun and diverse art works so that people are offered a chance to easily enjoy art without the hassle of moving far away from their hectic reality.

We, Sehwa Museum of Art, are planning to continuously host special exhibitions, which keep track of the trends of contemporary art, by establishing large-scale exhibition halls and state-of-the-art facilities, and to provide ample support, especially to new artists, which has continued since 2010. Furthermore, various education programs will be developed and operated, in which people of all age groups could happily participate.

We will make an all-out effort to realize the spirit of 'Sehwa' through art ultimately to create a harmonious and peaceful world in the future.
Thank you.

Director, Sehwa Museum of Art
Hye Ock Seo