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Open Museum in the
Heart of the City

Ilju & Seonhwa Gallery, located on the 3rd floor of Heungkuk Life Insurance Building in
Gwanghwamun, has been transformed into Sehwa Museum of Art.

Sehwa Museum of Art aspires to serve as a dynamic cultural and art venue as an open museum in the heart of the city where the life and art communicate with one another. Gwanghwamun with skyscrapers, palaces, and Cheonggye cheon (stream) being housed in harmony is a place where various cultural values penetrating traditions and the future coexist. Here in this location, we, Sehwa Museum of Art, would like to introduce art that is easily accessible and enjoyable in every-day life, not the one that is unfamiliar and difficult.

Sehwa Art and Culture Foundation has put an effort to help as many people as possible enjoy art works by exhibiting various pieces from the foundation’s collection—such as Jonathan Borofsky’s <Hammering Man>, a landmark in the area capturing a man in hammering motions, and <2010 Happy World> of Ik-Joong Kang, an artist representing South Korea, at public locations—and is planning to introduce diverse trends of contemporary art from a different perspective through Sehwa Museum of Art. We will make a further effort to ensure that more people indulge in contemporary culture and art both at home and abroad through exchange exhibitions of Korean and foreign artists, events to support new artists or to inspire them create new pieces, or special exhibitions of various themes.

We will look forward to seeing you, who love culture and art, at Sehwa Museum of Art, where diverse forms of art are shared in the center of the metropolitan city.